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How To Write Better Blog Posts or Articles | Tips For Beginners

Need to write a better blog post? Today I will teach you my top tips for writing amazing blogs for beginners.

Yesterday I published a post about sharing my blog writing template, a simple formula to help you write better blogs. Did you know that the essential part of writing a blog post is not writing? It’s the research the authors put in before you even start writing a single word on the page, so why is that important? Well, I found out that the more I read, the better. I write a single blog post and spend some time researching at least 3 to 10 articles others have written in my niche or around the topic I want.

Get Ideas from other blog writers.

Whenever I write something about Instagram marketing or share tips and strategies, I aim to put out an article that is better than everyone else. So, if you want to write a blog post and you think that you don’t need any references, you don’t need to read other people’s writings, you’re mistaken. I think it’s a big mistake. How can you expect your article to train better and to get more people to read?

Article – Blog Post Lenght

If you haven’t validated your idea, you don’t know whether people are interested in that topic, so you have to understand what your competitors are writing. It would be best to find ways to improve your article. So, how do you make it better? You can either write longer word count or longer worded articles do better in terms of search engine optimization. Typically, let’s say your competitor wrote a 2,000-word essay on Instagram marketing. I will write something that has two 2500 words or even longer. Another way to make your article trend better is to see what type of graphics your competitors use in their articles.

Use Info-Graphics In the Article

Perhaps they haven’t used enough graphics, so you can make your pictures stand out or add videos and make it even more attractive. Let’s say that an article about fitness lists five ways to stay in shape in 2020, so if you want to be better than that, you can write six ways. We can write ten ways you can find something better than what was written before. I want you to remember that research is essential in writing blogs for a few reasons. It’s not just if you don’t have an idea; you’re going to search on Google and see what people are writing about research.

It’s about finding out what people are talking about and writing articles that are better than what already exists in the market. I hope you like these tips and I’ll see you soon. Comment below your ideas and share this with others.


Here we discussed blog and article writing methods and have explained steps to keep in mind while writing a better blog post or article. To report a successful blog post, you must read others’ blog posts and see their writing and which images they use. By following them, you will get ideas and more ways to improve your writing skills.

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