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My Top SEO Tools You Must Use for High Ranking Your Website On Search Result Page

Shahbaz Haider Jun 25, 2020 7 min read
Top free SEO tools to use for high ranking in google search result

Since I'm learning SEO for high ranking my website or blog post, I've learned many things that delivered me a great result. I have seen many SEO tools, free and paid, and tried both. But the best result you will get ever is to get from a paid SEO tool. You can also get better results from free tools but with limited access. But a paid tool will tell you everything to do with your website SEO. Today I will tell you which Free SEO tools you should use and why.

Mostly companies build and designed top level SEO tools as they understand the need of better SEO result. Their SEO tools can give you 25% result for free and rest all will be only if you buy a premium plan or package. In the internet market, there are multiple SEO tools to use or buy, but you should focus on most used tools and necessary for your work.

Below is four main requirements must be including in an SEO tool:
  • Widely utilized by SEO Community
  • Actionable Results & Data
  • Board Value & Offers
  • Free to use and easy to understand

My 5 Top SEO Tools by Categorized Functions

While you working on a website SEO, keep these SEO tools categories in mind, so you can utilize and manage your SEO tasks easily and make better result:

  • Analytics
  • Crawling & Indexing
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Tools
  • Local SEO

1. Analytics

These analytics tools will give you results for analyze search, site performance, SERP monitoring, keywords analysis and competitors tracking:

Webmaster Tool (Bing)
Use Bing webmaster tool for SEO

Have you ever tried Bing for webmaster tools? Now Bing is offering a complete suite for website and search analytic. Bing is much better at keywords reporting, researching, and data crawling or page crawling. Get Bing Webmaster here

Data Studio
Data Studio SEO tool

Want to merge your data from multiple sources? So, try Google Data Studio to get all your data at one place. You can build all that SEO tasks for free and manage them on a dashboard by using Google Data Studio. Go to Google Data Studio

Google Analytics Annotations
enhance Google analytics annotation

Have you research your traffic dip that actually associated with Algorithms updates by Google? It’s highly recommended and must use it with the help of a Chrome plugin that pull additional data on analytics. You can send snaps to your customers easily, showing how their website traffic impacted. Get it: Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations Alternatives: Panguin Tool, Zeo Tools

Google Analytics
Google Analytics help for SEO

Well, everyone is using this tool to get insights and traffic data to measure analytics for websites or pages. You can check your visitors search behavior or searches by location. All you can get it at Google Analytics. You can add multiple website to track records and manage data at one dashboard. Go to Google Analytics

Google Search Console
Google search Console for indexing

Google search console is the only tool that gives you reliable data and your ranking progress. You can check your pages with searched keywords and see page errors. You can index your site, remove pages, submit sitemap or see page coverage details. Google search console is widely used by every single person who have website. Try Google Search Console

2. Crawling & Indexing

These tools can help you with crawling and indexing your pages to search console to show on search result:

Beam Us Up
Beam Us Up SEO tool for crawling pages with no limit

Need a desktop Crawler? Beam Us Up will help you to crawl your page with no limits. Perhaps it’s doesn’t have advanced features, but you can do better crawling with bean us up then others. Beam Us Up is Windows only. Get it here

Link Redirect Trace
Link redirect tracer seo tool

It’s a free Chrome Extension, many of SEO recommendations, link redirect is path analyzer. This extension gives you information about any http headers, basic link metrics, robots.txt, canonicals etc. Its screenshot feature is superb and easy to use. Get Link Redirect Trace here

Redirect Path
redirect path finder for seo

Redirect Path is similar to Link redirect trace; it’s a nifty SEO tool by “Ayima” which shows your paths and headers info you have visited. I’m using this tool for many years and still I have in my browser, it helped me a lot and gives much information that I need. Get Redirect Path here

Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog Free version features

One of the best SEO tool I ever used, It’s paid version with full functions, but you can use it’s free versin with up to 500 pages or URLs Crawl. Mostly SEO experts don’t know about it, you must use this tool to get maximum results for your niche. See Screaming Frog tool here

SEO Lyzer
SEO Lyzer a best SEO tool i ever used

Need log analysis for your website or application? Use this tool recommended by Aleyda Solis’s Podcast for excellent SEO “Crawling Monday”. SEO Lyzer is the best tool to get log analysis with grate functions, real time analysis, log files and categorization of your website pages. Visit SEOlyzer here

3. Keywords Research

Get trending data, keywords, searched terms, and see what people searching for, see your competitors and volume data of your keywords:

Answer The Public
Answer the Public, a tool to find search questions

Want to get searched keywords like, what is, how to, where to, which is or anything related to questions? Answer the public is much hard to understand by its front interface. If you need a list of questions searched by people and use them as your keywords, you must use it. Try Answer the Public

Keyword Explorer
SEO tool for keyword explorer have multiple SEO tools which can be used for free and easy to use, its amazing keyword research tool can give you result you looking for. You can get up to 500 million keywords with accurate data volume. You can get keyword difficulty score to see if you can rank your page or site using that keyword. Try Keyword Explorer by

Keyword Planer
google keyword planner

Want to run an ad with your own keyword to target specific audience? Try Google keyword planer and, it’s built for people who buy ads from Google. Its delivers multiple information for useful SEO keywords and planning an ad with one keyword. You can get keyword difficulty, average CPC, search volume and much more. Use Google Keyword Planner

Keywords Everywhere
An SEO tool, Keyword Everywhere

My favorite SEO tool, you must use this, Install its extension on Google Chrome or Firefox. You can see suggestion for keywords with data volume. It also works in Google search console accurate and speedy result. You must have this one tool for you SEO task and ranking any site of page. Try Keyword Everywhere

4. Backlink Tools

These tools will help you with backlinks strategies, opportunities for backlinks and evaluating your site backlinks:

Disavow Tool
Disavow tool for SEO

You will not find this tool on easily on Google search result when you search for tool to check your backlinks. When you find this tool, it will be easy for you to use and understand it, you can remove any penalties on your site and SEO swear with the help of this tool. Read guide here to fully use this tool to avoid any mistake. Get Disavow Tool here

Link Explorer
link explorer

Many people use Ahrefs to check backlinks, but Link Explorer is better than Ahrefs, which is the largest and truly link indexed. Link Explorer is the most DA checker and backlink checker tool. Its paid version, but a free version gives you up to 10 queries and data up to 50 rows per query monthly. Try Link Explorer

Link Miner
Link Miner By John Cooper

You may know John Cooper, the best link builder and an SEO expert. I have watched his many videos on YouTube for learning SEO and top skills. Link Miner is developed by him and its available on Google Chrome extension for free to use. You can find any broken link on whole page or website and can get basic metrics for links when search on Google. It easy to use, Get Link Miner Extension here

Detailed seo tool

Detailed is one of the best tool I used ever, I like its interface and easy link metrics. Its developed by Marketing Genius “Glen Allsopp”. Detailed tool focused on links which most famous on the web. You can get data without any hard work, easy to evaluate and understand. Get Detailed SEO tool here

Backlink Checker
backlinks checker tool

Everyone knows that Ahrefs offering a tool to check free backlinks without any cost, but a limited data to view. If you buy its premium plan you have to invest much money. But I recommend you to use it for free as it gives us much data as we need. Ahrefs shows backlinks, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Linked domains, total referring IP’s and total backlinks. Try searching your Backlink here

5. Local SEO Tools

These tools will help you to optimize your Google search, Maps, Pages, Listing and much more:

Google My Business
google my Business

Google my business is one of the best local SEO tool to rank on first page, by using this tool your company will show on first line in search page and show your Google profile on left side. So, your customers can leave a review and find more about your website or company. Everyone must use this tool to rank your site and get more visitors on your site. You will rank on top with highest positive reviews on your Google my business listing. You can reply to any review and manage your reviews, show your Google reviews on your site. Get listed on Google My Business Now

Google Review Link Generator
google review link Generator for clients

By using this tool, you can send a URL to your clients for getting a review on your Google profile. This tool is developed by “Whitespark” for people who having problem for getting reviews for customers. Google haven’t provided this feature but by using this tool you can do it easily. Try this tool here

Local Search Result Checker
local search result checker tool

Want to search any ranking for a specific location? Well, it’s not hard now to check local search ranking. This tool solves the problem; you can easily check your local search ranking and find much information to use them in our SEO task. Try Local Search Result here

Check Business Listing By Moz
business listing checker tool for business directories

Moz is offering to check your local business listing and information that how it shows on search result and what problems you’re facing. By using this tool you can figure our major data that other people use to go on top search result and getting ranking fast. It’s very easy to understand your website weakness and problems. Try Moz Local Search Business Listing


Here we have discussed in details and I explain which top SEO tools you should use and why. These tools are free to use and easy to understand. You can build a better SEO for your website. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO, both can be utilized by using above SEO tools. There are many paid tools with free version and advanced feature. These tools can help you with, link building, page optimization, keywords research, SERP checker, Indexing and coverage, broken link, best SEO example and much more.

Comment below if you like these SEO tools, also let me know which top SEO tools you are using and how that tool helped you in SEO. I will be happy to help if there is something you need. See you soon.. Bye :)